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Warranty, Policies and Payments

PK Joinery Designs Ltd Warranty, Policies and Payments


PK Joinery Designs Ltd warrants that all works carried out by its employees or persons acting on its behalf including subcontractors shall ensure:

  1. All work shall be structurally sound and accurately represent the latest approved drawings.
  2. Any concerns or minor adjustments shall be brought to the Clients attention immediately via email or telephone conversation.
  3. All work will be completed to the required standard.
  4. Any rubbish, dirt or mess produced by PK Joinery Designs Ltd and solely related to this specific project shall be cleared away and the site left clean and tidy unless otherwise instructed by the Client.
  5. All joinery/cabinetry is guaranteed for (See Table) years and is subject to the following conditions:
    1. The item/s shall not be used for anything other than its intended purpose
    2. The item/s shall be maintained as per our written instructions.
    3. The item/s shall not be subjected to excess stresses, impact, heat, chemicals, friction or UV radiation.
    4. The item/s shall not twist and/or distort greater than(+/- 5 mm), as a result of timber movement.
    5. Ensure that, should Fault be found with any joinery/cabinetry within the warranty period and brought to our attention within 20 days, PK Joinery Designs Ltd shall make an inspection to assess responsibility and give a written report via email. Should the responsibility lay with PK Joinery Designs Ltd we shall:
    1. Propose the course of action to rectify the problem in writing.
    2. Proceed to rectify the problem once the Client has accepted our proposal in writing.
    Product Guarantee From Delivery/Installation
    Painted joinery Hardwood/Softwood 10 years/5 years
    Moving parts and mechanisms Manufacturers’ guarantees apply or TDI guarantee. Whichever is the longer 3 years
    Draught sealing Workmanship and materials 5 years
    Double/ triple glazed units Warranty against sealed unit failure including misting, but does  not include breakage or cracking 5 years
    Paint finish All shades and tones 3 years


    We will only proceed on the basis that the Client:

    1. Approves working drawings and specification provided by us in writing (via email or written letter).
    2. Provides us with a full set of working drawings and a comprehensive specification which we will confirm in writing (via email or written letter), or accepts our drawings and/or specifications in writing (via email or written letter)
    3. Pays the deposit in full within the specified time.
    4. Required extras (i.e. alterations) shall be conveyed via written instructions and drawings and agreed in writing by us and by the client prior to implementation.



Deposit – To be received in full (funds cleared) as per sum agreed in writing prior to work commencing inclusive of materials being ordered or admin work being done.

Interim Payment/s (if applicable) – To be received in full (funds cleared) as per sum and time frame agreed in writing. Goods shall not be delivered to site without funds having been cleared. Inspection of goods can be made by the client at the stored premises of PK Joinery Designs Ltd prior to interim payments.

Balance – To be received in full (funds cleared) as per sum agreed in writing within 7 days of completion. Completion is the date of delivery or if fitting is included the last date on site having completed our obligations specifically relating to the item/s specified.